Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Blame It On My Boobs

When I discovered yoga again I worried I was the biggest girl in the class, and I was. But I kept going and liked it. But there is this one move that I always think about and I think I"m going to send it in to this blog. I love this blog called Busty Girl Comics. This comic is all about what it's like to be large in the chest, pros and cons.
This yoga move is called High Lunge.

In this move I could stay balanced and have the correct form, well until it came to my boobs. You are supposed to lay your upper body on your leg and touch your hands flat on the ground. Yeah, with big boobs, it's not possible. The yoga teacher, who was super nice, asking me, "Can you not do this move?" She wasn't trying to be a bitch but I simply replied with, "No, I can not do this move. My boobs are in the way."
Damn you boobs, I love you most of the time but this moment is when I hate you.

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