Friday, March 2, 2012

In the mind of a pole dancer

As you start pole dancing and slowly develop the addiction to the art you begin to have thoughts that non pole dancers don't have. The fallowing are the most common that come to my mind:

- That streetlight, that one there next to the road. I wonder if I can pole that?
- I hate these shorts. When I pole they go too far up my butt.
- How the hell did a bruise end up there? It never touched the pole.
- I hate this tank top, it doesn't stick to my body like it should.
- Hell no you can't barrow my 7 1/2 silver stilettos.
- Damn it, my ass isn't shaking right today.
- I'm not pointing my chest out enough.
- Damn it, I can't pole because I have lotion on.
- How can a pole dance to this song?
- OW! OW! OW! My thighs are burning.
- (While in the isle at the store) I wonder if this super hold hairspray will work better than this off brand?
- Do I have my hand up my butt enough for this move?
- I wonder if they have these with glitter.
- YAY! A new bruise.
- Wait, I need to refer to the Pole Dance Dictionary for this move.
- Crap, I wonder if Studio Veena has this move.
-YES! A new pole dance video is out.
- I found my new pole crush
- Cock my hip.

I know there are tones more but these are the ones in my head right now. Feel free to add anymore.

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