Friday, March 16, 2012

My version of a Turkey Wrap

One of the recipes in one of the cookbooks calls for a type of wrap with meat in it and I think it's turkey. Not sure.
After awhile you get sick of eating a lot of bread. I made the step years ago to change from white to wheat, even experiments with Honey Wheat, Multi-Grain, Whole Grain, and whatever else kind of wheat bread that's out there. Butter Wheat was okay but I wasn't a huge fan of eating all that butter.
So when the cookbooks came and it started talking about whole wheat tortillas, I was on board. Although one tortilla is 130 calories and Honey Wheat is 120 calories along with Whole Grain being 100 calories, you are eating more calories but it's less bread. Now I save that bread for other things.
In the process of trying to find quick snacks to make since in the Flat Belly Diet you are supposed to eat four times a day with each food intake of 400 calories. But many snacks you have to cook but the quickest I've found was 15 minutes. Sure I could spend only 15 minutes making a meal but I'm lazy. I wanted quick, quick, quick. I am the type of person that pops raviolis in the microwave for a minute and a half and then pig out although I was burning my mouth in the process.
Most reasons why people are bigger and take in those extra calories is because it's there. It's easy and quick. They don't want to stand around cooking. I love to cook but sometimes I just want to grab a cookie, or 12, and eat something. Especially after I walk/run with the dog or pole or do yoga or whatever.
So lets get to the food. Here is my Turkey Wrap that takes at the most two minutes. Don't ask me calorie counts, I fallow what the cookbook tells me to get and I throw it together.
A great example other than the tortillas is the turkey. The meat of the wrap. The books say to get low-sodium turkey. The calorie count might be different and the price sure is but it's healthier for me. I don't like feeding my body to slimy $1 turkey. It's nasty and unhealthy. No, thanks.
Another example is the mayo I use. The books call for canola-oil mayo. I haven't been able to find it yet so I'm using regular mayo. A friend of mine told me the Hellman's makings a canola-oil mayo, so I am on the search for it.
Okay to sum that up, so far in my Turkey Wrap we have whole-wheat tortilla, two pieces of low-sodium turkey, and mayo, preparing canola-oil mayo.
Next I add some basil and oregano along with tarragon. I throw basil and oregano on just about everything, it doesn't hurt to add and it enhances the flavors. Along with that I add a little red-wine vinegar and olive oil.
Then because I can't stand to have bland food, I added two slices of swiss cheese and some spinach. You can already tell I am trying to use up this spinach. I had iceberg but it wasn't looking so pretty.
The mufa in this recipe is olive oil. Instead of using butter since I started this diet, everything that requires butter or I used to use butter with has been replaced with olive oil. I make eggs, olive oil. I eat toast, I put some olive oil on it. Instead of salt to separate my pasta noodles, olive oil. Even in hamburger meat, olive oil.

Turkey Wrap:
Whole-Wheat Tortilla
Low-Sodium Turkey
Swiss Cheese
Basil, Oregano, Tarragon
Olive oil, red-wine vinegar

I knew this wasn't going to fill me up so I added some cantaloupe and sliced red apples. Be careful with the cantaloupe though, there was a salmonella scare recently.

Taste test: Yummy!
I know I was going to post about cake but since I made it two days ago, I kind of lost interest in it. Who knows what I'll make tomorrow.

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